Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Perfection. Perfection. Perfection.

When I first read Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck were making a duet album,

I was excited and then nervous. Stomach butterfly nervous.

"Heaven Can Wait" does not disappoint.

Mark your calendars, their album, IRM, comes out January 26th.

Friday, November 13, 2009

People doing stuff.

Nuff said.....
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Phun. With a capital "PH".

This could entertain me (maybe it has) for hours. Check it out here. This site does the same thing for me, mindless time suckage.

Miranda July, at it again.



Miranda July placed herself as an extra in famous film scenes. Greatness.
See more here.

book cover archive

This is an amazing resource.

new favorite flickr set...

Superbomba's photostream just kept getting more and more amazing as I flipped through the pages....

Charmaine Olivia

I have a new crush. Charmaine Olivia, I heart you.

eye candy 11.10.09

Old School Electric Company by The Electric Company & Carmen D’Avino. This inspired me to break out my Electric Company box set. I had forgotten how much I love that show, lots of happy memories.
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two of my favorite things, shoes and carbs.

Twin brothers and designers, R&E Praspaliauskas, designed a collection of bread shoes. There are still some available here.
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people with giant heads are smarter.

I think there's even proof somewhere. And I think that makes Eric Testroete some sort of genius.
His Halloween costume this year was a Papercraft Self Portrait. He constructed it using 3ds Max 2009, Mudbox 2010, Photoshop CS3, Pepakura and other software, way ambitious.

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The Feltron Annual Report

Nicholas Feltron is a graphic designer based in New York City, and co-creator of the data-tracking website He's created four Feltron Annual reports so far. They basically breakdown his year. And it looks very cool. You can see it here.

eye candy 11.9.09

Grizzly Bear made it sound good (their new release, Ready, Able). Allison Schulnik made it look pretty. See more of her stuff here.
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